The World’s Most Powerful Screen Design Tool: InVision Studio and Its Applicability

There is quite a large selection of web design tools to choose from nowadays. Despite the variety that is available you need to understand what specific tool works for you and your design type. Once you push through the multitudes of tools available and find the one that caters to your needs, your website begins to look more fresh and tailored. The bar has risen in regards to what we expect from web design tools in 2019 and this is where InVision Studio makes its mark.


Web professionals may be excited about the quantity and quality of options available that can boost their business. But it also means that it becomes harder to choose the correct tool and stick with it since your workflow may be disrupted by any arbitrary choice. For a more streamlined accent and inventive ideas, web designers are opting for InVision Studio as their main tool.


The History of InVision Studio

The developers’ team of InVision came up with the idea when looking at screen design tools. Their assessment found that there was a need for a game changer to make screen design more beautiful and compliant. Thus, in January of 2018, they came up with a desktop application that could create fully responsive applications from beginning till end. This new creation could easily take on advanced animation, collaborations, handoffs and even prototyping. It was marketed as an “end to end platform for designing digital experiences”.


What is InVision Studio?

A great design is needed for a great impression. Your product can become something customers love and not only use and can help your business thrive. Designers are looking to better their craft and using the latest tools is a way to accomplish his. Most designers will want an organized workflow with a consistent theme to boot.


InVision Studio prides itself to be the only UI tool ever needed. Along with its accessible approach it supports a number of features that help in the creation of interactive interfaces. Not only does it add to the user friendliness of a webpage but also makes sure it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  There are tools present for prototyping, responsive design and collaborative systems.


Using InVision Studio for Design 

The app can be used with other tools easily, such as Sketch, since there are many crossover features present. While making a cheap logo design for your business and displaying it on your webpage you can access many of these features. Take prototyping, once you start using this you will be able to make complex transitions in imagery as well as font placement. Or you could figure out the look of a UI at the start of the process and then proceed to design the final result.


Besides this you can even make custom animations and add them to already made transitions. You can provide your own gestures such as swipes, clicks and even some hovering. Once you are finished with the prototyping, they can be exported by using InVision. People can then collaborate and help out on your project. This leads to more room for exploration and learning as a designer. What’s more is that you can get direct feedback on your designs.


How to Prototype
Prototyping and testing can be done just to have an experience of a particular design. You will be able to know how people interact with your product and how screens make an actual difference. Static screens can be changed to allow rapid connection and thus add any animations you would like. You can thus create a link and attach it to a screen, choose your trigger and then find a preset transition and you’re ready to go.


Responsive Design is Easy

Besides prototyping and transitional design, InVision also prefers to work on responsive design. A marketable and valuable need, responsive design makes sure that the user does not face many issues when accessing your site. Design does not mean you have to compromise on what is easier for the user. The app also makes sure that this responsive design does not lead to many artboards on multiple devices. It can now be done using a single artboard to save time and will thus let you do much more with the concept of your design.


Constant Updates

Your design is a unique artifact. The overall process is supposed to have an air of authenticity and cannot be behind on the latest trends. Since this is of such vital importance, the Studio makes sure that design teams not only work with the updated processes but also that conversions and models are made for each person on a project so that everyone is up to speed regarding an alterations. The Studio also has more tools available that can enhance and customize more designs with its extensive library. As of 2019, it even supports a public application performing interface (API) that can help to create a third party system for more support to your team.

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