Apple iPhone’s annual sale is dropping day-by-day. This is not unknown to the company though everybody who is a tech veteran or not must be aware of it. Android smartphones are taking all over the market due to its great usable features and high-end performance. To have an insight on what iPhone 11 lacks that Android smartphones have, you must look below.

Following are the top 8 features that Apple must re-consider in the latest iPhone 11 model:


The 12-megapixel cameras are completely outdated but Apple is offering the same camera quality from a couple of years. It’s now time for it to update its old camera into a good camera. The camera in iPhone 11 is indeed a lot shinier but there’s no doubt that it lacks the depth especially when you zoom-in.

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On the other side, if you capture a picture from Huawei P30 Pro or Xiaomi Mi 9, you will discover that it offers the camera up to +40-megapixels. Android cameras are progressing with providing 40- or 48-megapixel sensors in common.


Battery life plays an important role when people seek a phone in terms of buying it. Android systems are offering great and long-lasting battery life to their smartphone whereas iPhones are reducing the battery in their coming models. According to a survey report, people asked for better battery life in all Apple iPhone models.

For instance, the Motorola G7 blows all the iPhone models by offering a better battery performance that lasts more than a day after using it roughly and the best part about that model is it cost a fraction of the price than the other iPhones.


IPhone has offered the best display quality by far but with the advancements in technology, Android discovered and introduced OLED-equipped handsets. These smartphones are not only great but they offer a real-life camera which will make you fall in love with it. If Apple wishes to stay in the market, it must reconsider the design of the iPhone 11 and switch to a better display option.


The fingerprint reader is very important. The day Android smartphones introduced the high-end Touch ID feature similar to iPhone they took it all. Their tech is much better and accurate whereas Apple on the other side is focusing on the Facial ID in the newest model.


Android phones mostly have rapid chargers with them that functions pretty well. It doesn’t harm the internal battery to keep your phone fully charged in a short period. On the other hand, Apple is using extremely cheap material for a fast USB-C charger which falls is the budget but are not good for the phones.


It’s convenient to have USB-C ports to attach external ports with the device. It feels a little weird when you swap cables whilst charging your Mac and iPhone. Fans are hoping Apple to stay constant with keeping the Lightning port for the time being. Whereas Android phones, on the other hand, have the same chargers and external ports for every device. They can be plugged easily and allows to connect an external source with it.


Similar to the Android system in Huawei P30 Pro and the OnePlus 7 Pro that works with the lightning speed, Apple has to build a smart and fester user interface. It has to be extremely responsive and fast when you need it that can efficiently slide from the home screen to the folders, select and launch apps without lag.

IPhone 11 somehow feels a bit slower than other Android models in the market. It stuck a lot especially when you are making any transitions or swiping through menus. It not too bad though the slow interface is noticeable. The company should work on adding more speed to general navigation by boosting the Bionic processor.


Android phones always come in a variety of colors so that people can choose whatever color they like. From red, pink to aura glow models, they have it all. Juxtapose, iPhone 11 simply offer two or three basic colors that include, black, space grey and white. People choose silver finish dull space grey not because they are a huge fan of this color but the reason behind it is they have no other options available.

Apple was the master company in creating what people desire. The rose gold trend was a bold step for the company and it turned out to the most attractive and eye-catching version ever created. If Apple wishes to stay in the market it has to add some colors to grab the fan’s attention.

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