There has been a significant shift in the attitude of the public toward cannabis over the past few years. This has contributed to a large and growing movement where many states, such as California, have legalized marijuana, even for recreational use. This growth also means that people have a choice in where they get their cannabis. One of the options that has been getting a significant amount of attention is natural cannabis. When someone invests in natural cannabis, there are several benefits that everyone should keep in mind.

The Benefits of Natural Cannabis

When someone makes the decision to purchase cannabis naturally, they are investing in a few facts about how the cannabis has been grown, produced, marketed and sold. Some of the key points for everyone to remember include:

Fertilizer: Natural cannabis, such as that grown and sold by Lowell, has been grown using only organic fertilizer. This is the fertilizer that has been produced naturally without any dangerous chemicals or pesticides that might contaminate the final product. These contaminants are avoided because they could potentially harm the consumer.

Pesticide Testing: In addition, natural cannabis growers make doubly sure that there are no pesticides of any form in their product. Lowell farms began testing for pesticides in all of its products back in January of 2017. This was a full year before testing for pesticides was legally required. Lowell believes this is important for the consumer.

Living Wages: Furthermore, Lowell has also made sure that all of its employees have a living wage. There are numerous companies out there who do not treat their employees fairly. It is important for everyone working with natural cannabis to be fairly compensated for their services. 

A Green Movement: Finally, Lowell also makes sure that their products are friendly to the environment. In addition to organic fertilizer, all of the products are packaged into glass tubes instead of the more common plastic. Yes, this does increase the overhead costs of the business; however, this is the right way to do business. The glass tubes are food-grade-certified, recyclable, and free from BPAs. This simply demonstrates that the company cares more about the environment than its bottom line. This is a message that is always communicated loud and clear to the consumers.

These represent only a few examples of how a natural cannabis grower thinks consciously about both the consumer and the environment. Doing business in the field of natural cannabis means doing business the right way. For this reason, Lowell seeks to honor both the environment and the consumer with its business model. This has contributed to a sterling reputation throughout the industry.

Natural Cannabis from Lowell Cafe in Los Angeles

There are numerous benefits that come from natural cannabis and, with marijuana legalization spreading across the country, it is important for everyone to think about where they are getting their product. Lowell Cafe is opening up in Los Angeles. Lowell prides itself on treating all of its employees fairly. In addition, Lowell also grows all of its product naturally to ensure that everyone who invests in its products is receiving high-quality goods. Finally, at Lowell Cafe, most of the items can be both purchased and consumed in the same location. With Lowell Cafe opening up in West Hollywood sometimes this month, many people in the Los Angeles area are eagerly anticipating having easier access to high-quality cannabis. As the first legal cannabis cafe and restaurant in the United States, there has been a lot of excitement surrounding all of their products, including their oils, smokes, and more!