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What To Look For When Buying Used Car Rims

Replacing your car’s rims is the best and easiest way to improve the drive and look of your vehicle. Rims are the outer edge of the car’s wheel, the part the holds the tire. It is among the most visible part of the car; hence, any improvement on it will immediately visible. It is bound to impress. Using bigger wheels and rims can also enhance the performance of your car tremendously as it can improve your car’s grip and traction, braking, cornering, and maximum load.

However, car rims — especially if you want the big ones — are not always cheap. Looking for used Mercedes wheels for sale may be the solution for this.

Of course, as with buying anything that’s pre-owned, there are things to consider when buying used car rims. So what should you look for when you buy pre-owned car rims?


One thing to consider or look at is the specific make of your car. It is important to know the measurement of your car to know if the rim you are buying is the proper fit for your vehicle — especially if you plan to make the size of your rim bigger or smaller.

First, you should look at the bolt pattern — or the arrangement of the plug holes on your car’s rims. This pattern is different from vehicle to vehicle, so make sure the bolt pattern of the rim you are buying is the right one for your car. Specifically, look at the numbers of bolts and the spaces between the bolts on the rim. Other aspects to look at are the offset (or the space between the centerline of the wheel and the surface of the hub) and the center bore (or the size of the hole located at the wheel’s center). Making sure that the size of the center bore of the rim you are buying is correct — a wrong fit will cause serious issues to your car.

Lastly, make sure the measurements of the rim you are buying fit your car. Too big or too small a rim will have adverse effects to your car — and could affect your safety as you drive the vehicle.


More than the specifics, you also have to look at the condition of the rim you are buying — especially since you are checking out used Mercedes wheels for sale.

Check the general condition of the rims. Are there cracks or visible damage? Since you are buying used Mercedes wheels for sale, the rims you will buy won’t exactly be pristine. Still, you have to check if the rims you are buying are damaged; even the smallest crack can adversely affect your car’s performance.

Are the rims you are buying genuine or are they imitation? Take note of this, especially when you are buying genuine used Mercedes wheels for sale. Mercedes Benz wheels and rims are made to last; imitations, of course, aren’t made for long haul use. Lastly, consider where you are buying the used rims. If buying online, make sure the seller is reliable. Nonetheless, buying used Mercedes Benz rims online is your best bet.

The wheels you install on your Benz affect its ride quality and performance. At Adsit, we have a ton of options for you if you’re looking for used Mercedes wheels for sale.

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