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3 Reasons to Choose Zerodha as Your Broker

‘Stockbrokers’ are sometimes considered necessary evil in the stock market business as people who are new to stock trading rely on them, albeit with the fear of getting deceived. That is why it is important to choose a reliable brokerage partner who does not expect you to pay an arm and a leg in the name of commission fees. With the internet-breaking with the positive reviews on Zerodha brokerage services, it can be counted upon by the newbies in the stock market. If you are still wondering why those interested in investment and finance are going gaga over this brokerage firm, check the reasons listed below.

1. Discounted Stock Brokering

Zerodha is the first company in India which offers stockbroking at discounted rates. Anyone who wishes to invest in stocks may open a DEMAT account either online or offline. All one needs to pay is the annual maintenance charge which is applicable only to your Demat account and not to the Trading and commodity account. While the minimum fee of a stockbroker begins in a few thousand at least, Zerodha offers cheapest rates for maintaining a DEMAT account. Individuals, partnership businesses, and LLP accounts are required to pay INR 300+18% GST every year; whereas, INR 1000+18% GST is the amount that public and private limited companies need to pay every year.

2. Hassle-Free Processes

Zerodha account opening charges are very nominal. Different types of accounts that can be started on Zerodha include DEMAT accounts for individuals, NRI s, and corporate companies. While an individual has the option to open an account either online or offline by connecting to Zerodha sales representative or by visiting nearest Zerodha or its partner branch.at Zerodha; other types of accounts mentioned above will require meeting the salesperson in person so that all the processes and documents required can be discussed clearly. This also creates better room for transparency and new entrants can have their queries addressed by trained finance and investment banking professionals.

3. Powered by Technology

Zerodha as a company has earned the reputation of a financial enabler as it simplifies an investment method which is often thought to be complicated and risky. This has turned possible because of the firm’s cutting-edge technological approach which includes features like Sensibull, KITE, COIN, Zerodha Varsity, etc. Sensible is an easy-to-understand platform which lets newbies trade-in options like a pro. Similarly, KITE is a modern web-based trading platform which live-streams market data in the form of advanced charts and on a simple user-interface which runs smoothly in its desktop version and mobile apps. COIN is another disruptive technology on Zerodha. It is a platform which allows you to buy mutual funds online directly from asset management companies. Not just commission-free, but it is also a convenient way of buying funds as it works well on both desktop and mobile app version. For those who would like to gain some knowledge on how the stock market works, Zerodha offers Zerodha Varsity, a free and open-access platform which has a number of in-depth and well-illustrated lessons on the share market.

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