Investing money is never quite as simple, or as easy as it sounds. What is clearly established is that the higher the return is, the higher the risk is. What is a whole lot less clear or obvious is where to invest your cash? The options are vast, and they can range from something as mundane and risk-free as a fixed deposit at a bank through to any range of alternative investment avenues and products. A good investment portfolio will contain a good mix of products from the conservative to the aggressive – or as the experts like to say, it should be diversified. And to some that can mean investing in stocks and shares from across a broad spectrum of industries and geographies to others, it can mean a looking a little more laterally. So, if you are looking to invest in some alternative vehicles, here are a few ideas.

Horses for courses

If you have an appetite for something a little leftfield but very glamorous, you might want to consider racehorse syndicates. This is where a group of people pool their cash to purchase, stable and train a horse. This is not a cheap exercise and it is not without its risks. The return on investment comes when the horse wins, and if it wins the right races the return can be big. A good horse can go on to stud and earn income for many years. You could do this all by yourself if you have the cash to go it alone, but, if this is not a field with which you are completely familiar, then the syndicate option is probably a lower risk place to start.  


If you have a good eye for talent and a love for art, then this is a field where investors have done well in recent times. There are plenty of excellent artists producing great work, the key is to buy art before the artist is too widely known. Buy a piece, hang it on your wall and wait patiently as its value slowly appreciates. At worst, you have a beautiful painting that you enjoy looking at, at best you have an amazing investment that has beaten inflation a hundred times over.

Classic cars

Part art, part asset classic cars are great investments. Unlike new cars, which depreciate the moment you drive them off the dealership lot, classic cars are on an upward trajectory. And if you can find a classic that has been through some rough times then all the better. A bit of time at the body shop and a new coat of paint and suddenly your old 911 turbo or Mustang will be worth a whole lot more than it was when you acquired it.


Here is something that has become extremely popular in the last couple of years. And while most people have heard of Bitcoin the truth is that there are hundreds of other cryptocurrencies to trade-in. Etherium and Ripple are two others, but the list long. This is a risky play, so don’t put all your cash here, but in a properly diversified portfolio there is definitely room for a crypto play.