Popular Part Time Jobs in the Gulf Countries

There are many opportunities available in the Gulf for freelancing, part-time jobs these days. The reason being, on account of the growth in entrepreneurship and small businesses, the local ecosystem is growing. Instead of hiring full-time employees, employers are now looking for candidates who are willing to work in part-time jobs in the Gulf.  Plus, considering the fact that the standard of living is quite high in these places, the new generation professionals, the Freshers, the housewives or the college students prefer to earn a side income by doing some kind of part-time jobs.

Your skill sets can provide you a good number of opportunities for part-time jobs, which you can either do from your home or work in an office environment for a few hours in a day. Some popular part-time jobs in the Gulf are as follows:

Part-time Legal Counsel

Usually, lawyer jobs are full-time jobs when associated with Corporates. But few Corporates in the Gulf prefer to hire legal advisors or legal counsel in a part-time role, where they have to visit and work in the office on a part-time basis – maybe 2,3 days in a week or for half-day 5 days in a week. The candidates are assigned the roles and responsibilities of a legal counsel as per the requirements of the organization. Usually, employers look for candidates who are qualified Solicitors from a Common Law jurisdiction and have experience in a generalist legal role. Most important of all, the candidates must be willing to work in part-time hours for this kind of jobs in the Gulf.

Part-time IELTS Examiner

Candidates who are good in English and willing to do part-time jobs should look for opportunities as IELTS examiners. Usually, most educational institutes looking for suitably qualified and experienced professionals for such jobs. The teaching experience must relate to adult students. Such a part-time job is taken up by expats in the Gulf. However, candidates should have a CELTA or equivalent TEFL/TESOL qualification from a recognized institution. Since this is a freelancing opportunity, employers do not provide visa arrangements for the expats but they should have the work permit and residence permit in the Gulf. Part time IELTS Examiners need to work on Fridays and Saturdays.

Part-Time General Practitioner for Home Care

This is another upcoming part-time job in the Gulf. Considering the fact that health care facilities are given utmost priority in the Gulf countries, the concept of providing health care at home has also become popular, especially for the aged patients. There are medical centers in the Gulf which look for Homecare GP Doctors to join their professional medical team on a part-time basis. The job responsibilities remain the same as a regular doctor but the only difference is that all health assessment, diagnosis and treatment services are provided to the patients at their homes.

Part-time E-Commerce Sales Executives

Part-time jobs are also available in the e-commerce sector as sales executives. Young employees with rich Gulf market experience can join to help sales to sell and make money without stepping out of the home. All you need is a phone to make calls as much as possible and gather leads or customers for the e-commerce platform. Even housewives can apply for such part-time jobs in the Gulf.

Part-time HR jobs

HR jobs in the role of HR executives, payroll executives, trainers, recruiters, talent search executives are very popular part-time jobs. Candidates need to have a proper degree from a recognized university, preferably should have some kind of HR experience in their previous job.  Such jobs are offered for part-time hours by some employers to reduce cost and time. Either the candidates need to work in an office location for a few hours or they can work part-time in their home with occasional visits to the office.

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