The Benefits Of Using A Planner Board

planner boards

Fish usually hide in faraway areas when they hear the sound of a boat. It makes it quite hard for fishers to catch fish. Planner boards are specially designed tools to help pick the type of fish you are targeting and in substantial volume. The boards are very easy to install and use and can make a fisherman’s job much more manageable.

What Are Planner Boards?

These are flat devices made up of foam or wood which are attached to fishing lines thereby helping the fisherman to have more than one line going at a time. The main objective of using the planner board is that it gives the fisherman better control over the lines and also reach places which are otherwise inaccessible.

Key components of the planner board system:

It basically consists of the following parts:

  1. Planner board
  2. A line with tackle
  3. A rod or reel

Advantages Of Planner Boards

Planner Boards
Planner Boards

The common practice for catching fish is letting out more fishing line. It leads to a limited area and makes the bait sink deeper. However, such a method is not ideal for catching the fish of your choice. So, mentioned below are the advantages of using planner boards.

You can either buy the planner board system and assemble it or else you can also get the pre-assembled planner board mast systems. These tools are the most useful, yet the most underutilized. It is because most fishers either do not know where to find them or how to use them. Here are some of the advantages of planner boards:

  • Planner boards spread the lines far away from the boat. Every state has its laws and limits on the number of fishing lines which can be used per boat. These laws prevail so that disasters can be prevented. Say, there are more than five lines in the water between two or more boats. It may lead to a great misfortune if all the lines jumble up. Planner boards eliminate the tangled and knotted situation between lines by spreading them to the side of the boat.
  • Its more effective as it will immediately let you know if the fish has taken the bait. Once the fish has taken the bait, the planner board will immediately fall back once the fish hits the line, due to weight. Today, new and improved planner boards are readily available in the market. These boards have an advanced flag system for better indication.
  • Planner boards enable each line to be staggered throughout the water column. It allows the fisherman to choose his preferred depth with each line.
  • Another advantage of using planner boards is that it is more user-friendly. It is easy to install and use. Moreover, it gives the fishermen a wider coverage. It is a useful fishing tool can be used for commercial and recreational purposes.

How Sports Boards can Up the Ante while Planning for every Game

planner boards
planner boards
  • A planner board gives a fisherman complete control over depth and distance of the bait to be placed. A variety of boards exist which allow a distance of about 150 feet or more radius of coverage from the boat. Moreover, the depth can be controlled by merely increasing or decreasing the distance between the board and the lure.
  • These planner boards are designed in such a manner that it will automatically shift allowing the water current to move easily. The board will either move to the port or starboard side of the boat.

This is a great tool if you are trying to catch some exclusive variety of fish and a larger quantity of them. Most boards are made of either plastic or foam, have a type of keel weight and a few clips to attach to the line. Fishermen love using planner boards because it allows them to use more than one line at a time and extend their lures further, without any issue of sinking or caught up lines.

Conclusion- You can find a wide array of shops selling these planner boards, make sure that you purchase the best quality to get the maximum benefit.

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