SportsAre Politics And Peacemaking Mutually Exclusive?

Are Politics And Peacemaking Mutually Exclusive?

Are Politics And Peacemaking Mutually Exclusive?

It is easy to assume that all politics and peacemaking can be mutually exclusive. The truth is that there are many situations that in order to keep the peace, politics may be involved or even get in the way. Where there is a dispute of uncommon interests, whether it is to gain control, power or leadership that is politics. God teaches us on how “we should be” if we are to be His children. As human beings created by God we are asked to be images of the Father. In doing so, we bring peace to ourselves and to others. In many organizations, there are internal conflicts, and even key leaders begin to make their case and use politics in what they hope may either bring the peace or put an end to what they believe is disrupting their peace. Vice Presidents will threaten other departments by flexing their control should those departments not do as they are told. When we discuss politics, we discuss the policies and processes that are brought up for debate. These same policies dictate the path towards peacemaking as a societal whole. But it is also important to remember that it also brings about additional conflict within the groups and hence another opportunity for peacemaking. Without politics they would not have taken the additional steps to really determine what the problem was and rededicate themselves towards peace. But there are other examples where politics and peacemaking are not mutually exclusive. Take the military for example. Our leaders wage war on other countries that have different political views than ours. We are sent to war using force. And only as the victor can we then define what we believe peace to be. Whose war were we fighting? Whose definition of peace were we attaining? Ours, the people, another nations?

1 trillion war in Iraq “promoting democracy.” Again, Washington can not afford to do all of that just with the money that actually exists, so the Fed again prints the money to fund the shortfall. It should not be any wonder that oil-producing nations want more dollars due to the devaluation, which drives up oil prices through inflation, which were already being driven up through the instability caused by our military adventurism. Finally, another problem relating to the foreclosure crisis is the public school system. And this lack of basic financial education contributes significantly to the problem of homeowners’ failure to understand what they have gotten themselves into. Thus, people do not know how to balance their own checkbooks or realize the importance of planning for the future beyond the next 10 minutes of their lives. If they could analyze their finances in a little more depth, they might set up an emergency fund to get them through a financial hardship or downturn in the market. The foreclosure crisis is not an isolated event caused by the failures of the market and greedy buyers and lenders taking advantage of each other. Although this certainly happened, there are much broader forces at work. Unfortunately, though, few of the homeowners facing foreclosure will be unable to realize the context of their hardship, and even fewer will be able to do anything about it. For homeowners who are in danger of losing their homes, the most important action they can take is to find some way to stop foreclosure, and worry about the macroeconomic issues after they are financially sound once again. Hopefully, though, this experience will teach many of them that the solutions to the problems that caused the foreclosures in the first place do not lie with those same institutions.

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Under questioning on Capitol Hill, Mr. Volker told House Democratic investigators that the language including specific references to Burisma and the 2016 election had come from Mr. Giuliani, the person familiar with his testimony said. By Mr. Volker’s account, according to the person familiar with his testimony, he was eventually told by Mr. Yermak that the Ukrainian government could not agree to the language being sought by Mr. Giuliani. Mr. Volker told Mr. Yermak that he was right, and the idea was dropped, according to the account Mr. Volker provided the House. The idea behind the statement was to break the Ukrainians of their habit of promising American diplomats and leaders behind closed doors that they would look into matters and never follow through, the people briefed on it said. According to the account provided by Mr. Volker to the House, the idea of the Ukrainians providing a statement had originated with Mr. Giuliani in a conversation he had with Mr. Yermak. It is unclear if the statement was delivered to Mr. Zelensky, but no statement was released publicly under his name. Around that time, the Ukrainian officials indicated to the Americans that they wanted to avoid becoming more deeply enmeshed in American politics.

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Are Politics And Peacemaking Mutually Exclusive?Are Politics And Peacemaking Mutually Exclusive?