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Finding the perfect gift for your nerd

Nerds can be very hard people to buy gifts for. It is not that they are bad people or that there is anything wrong for them – far from that in fact. It is more that they are highly intelligent with very clearly defined fields of interest and they are often very particular about what they like and don’t like. This is great – except for the fact that if they like something they tend to have one already. So, if you are not entirely nerdy then it can be hard to know where to start. But we are here to help with some ideas. One of these will surely stick.

Computer things

If your nerd is into gaming, and let’s face it, what nerd isn’t, then a gaming related product is a great place to start. Perhaps a gaming chair if your budget allows or maybe something a little more technical like a 500w power supply for gaming. The options are quite plentiful. If you are not sure where to start and you don’t know what he has or needs, then speak to one of his friends. Gaming is quite a communal thing and he will almost certainly have a friend or colleague who has the full scoop on what is needed.


One of the hallmarks of a nerd is that they enjoy reading. The specific nature of the material will differ – anything from gothic horror to science-fiction, autobiography or non-fictional material. Whatever it is, mot nerds enjoy getting their teeth into some good reading material. Kindle or old’s-school book with paper pages, whichever medium they prefer you generally cannot go too far wrong with a book. You could even find some rare old book at a second-hand shop – that is bound to intrigue and be appreciated.

Power bank

Given how important phones are to people it is incredible how bad their batteries are. The average battery life of a cell phone is surprisingly short, and most people don’t ever do anything about it – except make sure that they never stray too far from a plug point. But a power bank is a great way to help ease the problem of always running out of battery. They are also cheap to buy. The value of the gift to the recipient far outweighing the cost to the purchaser.

Uber Eat Vouchers

It is definitely a generalisation, but the truth is that while most nerds love their food, very few of them are good at or interested in cooking. For most, it is convenience food and eating on the go. It can be a bit slob-like if we are going, to be honest. But we are talking gifts, and that means giving people things that they like – so why not look at something like Uber Eats vouchers or similar. Yes, it is not fine dining or glamorous, but it is convenient and easy and makes for a great solution when they are coding or gaming or doing their thing.

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