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Top 4 Cars from Hyundai

People who are looking to buy a vehicle, Hyundai is a brand which comes to their mind first. Hence, this article will shed light on the best 4 cars from this car company. Before you purchase one, you must gather some information about cars which are supplied here. So, without any delay go through the list below and get the best car of your liking from Ontario Hyundai dealer.

  1. Genesis Coupe

When people talk about Hyundai’s history, luxury sedan series Genesis always comes up in the conversation due to the milestone is reached. This high end series is believed to be the torchbearer of this automotive organization. It is a classy vehicle which this company considers to be an everyday premium.

The sedan version of Genesis is quite popular; however, the coupe is what attracts the people towards this brand. It has consistently ranked quite high when evaluations are done as well as stays at top when the list for best sports car are released in the market. It comes with a V6 3.8 litre D-CVVT, and GDI engine which produces are massive horsepower of 344 and has torque of 292 lb-ft.

  1. Ioniq Hybrid

For people looking to have an eco-friendly car,Ioniq Hybrid is the way to go. It is considered to be one of the most fuel-efficient cars in USA and Canada. It is equipped with 4 cylinders 1.6-liter engine that offers a horsepower of 139. The fuel efficiency as aforementioned is the reason it provides people with a 55 mpg on city and 54 when driving it on a highway. Also, the capacity of the fuel tank is 11.9g.

Apart from the above mentioned specs, Hyundai has integrated this vehicle with all of their technology from driving assistance to other connectivity and infotainment system. Moreover, the exterior design is quite attractive to people, which is why this is one of the best selling cars from this brand.

  1. Tuscon/ix 35

This vehicle is a remarkable compact SUV which is an ideal model for everyday usage. Since it was introduced in 2004, it has consistently remained one of the best compact vehicles in the market. After ix35’s release on the European market both continents considers it an ideal model due to its size, cost and performance. Simply visit Riverside Hyundai for more details about this excellent model.

  1. Velostar

Have you heard about this vehicle before? If not, the reason is that this car is one of the most underrated vehiclesfrom Hyundai. This unique car is a sporty compact coupe that has three doors along with a rear-end that is unmistakable. It is the perfect replacement for the void which was left by Tiburon; however, it simply doesn’t retread similar aspects.

Like most sporty coupe vehicle, this takes chances as well as boasts about the design which is incomparable to any design which is marketed by any competitors. Also, it comes in two variants like turbo rally edition, and another one is turbo r-spec edition which makes everything quite the best.

So, choose any model you like from this list which will fulfill your requirements. Don’t wait!

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