Are you a fish lover with a beautiful fish tank at home? If yes, you must know how delicate a thing a fish tank is. If you are also planning to move, you need to be extra careful about your fish tank. It is very tough to move a fish tank from one room to another safely, let alone moving from one house to another. If you want to move your fish tank to a new place you have to consider few things before moving. Here are a few tips that can help you to move your fish tank more carefully and also can avoid any harm to your fishes and their habitat;

Empty the tank

Clear out the tank by clearing out all the things in it. Clear it with cloth and make it dry for shifting. Cover it with bubble wrap or cardboard to avoid breakage. Take care of the oxygen machine and cover it while transporting.

How to move or empty

For small fishes bring buckets with clear water or plastic bags and put fish in each one by one to move them. Water used should be clean to pack. Running water should be used. If the water is taken from the tank the fish would feel better. Fill the plastic bags only one third with water to ensure air supply for fish to survive in it. Put the stones in a bag for transportation. Put the water plants in bucket to avoid their loss. All the artificial things in tank should be removed and packed in bags. For large fishes use gallon packets or big buckets with oxygen machine pumped on to avoid their death in long journey. For short distance use buckets with lid filled with clean water.


Clean the tank for using it again. To setup the fish tank again first place the stones at bottom and fill it with fresh water. Place the oxygen pump in it and plug it in power supply. Add the artificial things in it and then add fishes one by one to the tank. Check all the supply. Give some food to fishes to make them adjust.


Plan out for fishes before moving them. Most of the fishes are fine for 24 hours of packing them but dome cannot survive for long time, so take care of the oxygen level of water to ensure their safety. They can survive for 48 hours of travelling if placed in large containers, so use big containers filled partially with water for more oxygen in them. Don’t feed those 1-2 days near moving day as they can survive fir a week without food and also giving them food will make water dirtier again and again. Avoid feeding them near actual move. Regulate the temperature according to them while traveling.


Move by placing the fish in dark area of the vehicle in which transportation is done. Introduce your fish to new place. First thing upon moving is to open the fish bags first and setup the fish tank as soon as possible. Clean the filter while reintroducing it to the fish tank. Shipping container should be tough to avoid death of fish. Remember to take care of your fish tank first while moving.

Use these tips and move your fish tank safely and successfully to your new home. If you want to further add safety to the process, it is best to hire movers cross country and let the professionals handle the job.