Air Supply rocked this arena, and Russell, Graham, Jed, Jonni and Mike’s performances were exhilarating. But, and there’s often a but, one band member’s performance was HOT HOT HOT! Bassist Jonni Lightfoot is a tremendous and talented guitarist who always pleases fans and makes the women swoon. Hottie Jonni, because is affectionately known, is at rare form this Sunday night despite the fact that he probably appreciate my saying this, his performance stole the show. Every person know I give credit when performances are outstanding or otherwise memorable, and Jonni’s was both.

Bass guitarists play standing up, in which means you will need a guitar transmission. They are developed from vinyl, polyester or using a. Your guitar probably have one but you might see something in the store that you prefer. There’s not only whole lot of difference between the different epidermis guitar straps, so just be a personal choice.

Out of all of the accessories you possess for your bass, the pick is considered the one you’ll use the most, at least at that should. Picks come in a lot of designs and colors, and also in different thicknesses. Like guitar strings, the choices usually an individual preference. Some bass players insist on thick picks, some like thin, some don’t make use of a pick at all. As you become more familiar from your instrument really can decide which pick ideal you. Having multiple guitar picks always is useful.

A guitar is a real drag if there’s no need anything to play on that will. Most guitar stores will have song books with accurate notes for about a variety of different popular song selections. if your gift recipient likes a particular type of music then try getting them a song book with music by one of their favorite rap artists. For the true beginner this process variety of song books designed for the beginner with exercises teaching metal finger picks ( strokes for each song, thereafter a song that could be played after each message.

Bass strings are relatively sturdy truly does not hurt brain a small number of spare strings handy. There are many types of bass strings accessible to include flat wound, round wound, and area wound.

Having seen Jonni perform about 30 shows, he is always fun and playful on stage. It’s typically routine in that there seems one of the time and for his levity, occurring during certain songs or portions for the show. Well scratch that for Sunday night. Against the first song, Jonni’s performance far out shined any I’ve seen from your ex to. More attitude, more animation, more audience interaction, more fooling around with pianist Jed Moss and drummer Mike Zerbe and very much more funk. If you’ve ever seen Jonni perform his solo during Chances, mentioned he can kick it like exercise guitarists. Just multiply the very best of this solo 100 times and exactly what you got out of Jonni throughout the show.

Generally, individuals get him a music album. If you’re not sure exactly what music he likes, always go for the latest album release with most great reviews. Other than new album release, also you can get him a song compilation or greatest hits of his favorite singer. You won’t go wrong with individuals because everybody loves being music.