Die-cut boxes are boxes that are made up of cardboard. They come in all shapes and sizes as per the need of the customers. Furthermore, the reason behind calling them to die cut boxes is because they are “cut” from the plain sheets of corrugated material through a machine that is called “die” press (which is also known as die cutter).

What are custom die-cut boxes?

Customized die-cut boxes are the perfect solution for all kinds of packaging issues. In addition to that a huge thanks to science and technology that today humans are capable of producing die-cut boxes of all shapes and sizes in the desired quantity.  Customized die-cut boxes help in the decorative display of the items.

Types of die-cut boxes

There are two types of die-cut boxes: folding and rigid.

Folding die cut boxes

The folding die-cut boxes can be reassembled and are flexible enough to get bent in any direction. The benefits of going for these include: they come in folding cartons in bulk, and their shipping cost is less as compared to the rigid die-cut boxes

Rigid die cut boxes

These boxes retain the form in which they have been manufactured. In rigid types of packaging boxes, there is no need for expensive dies. In addition to that, these boxes are stronger and they can create a strong perception of the product in the mind of the consumer.

. Furthermore, some other types are:

  • Mailer boxes: they contain a self-locking lid that is opened as many times as you want.
  • Ballot boxes: they are used in events like lucky draws at malls, outlets, and shops.
  • Suitcase boxes: these are self-closing boxes with a handle that helps in carrying the box.
  • Tote boxes: these boxes can be folded easily and they are made up of card boxes. They are just like folding cut boxes.

Uses of die-cut boxes

  • They can be used in the packaging of a huge range of products.
  • These boxes can be used to pack such items that customers want to see before buying such as cakes and other similar items.
  • They give security to the boxes and keep them safe from any kind of external damage.
  • Toys and other products are packed in these boxes because these products are placed in the aisles of supermarkets, they simply look attractive.
  • Companies use these boxes in packaging to give a pleasant experience to the customers of opening the boxes and get their products.

Die-cut packaging wholesale

The demand for die-cut boxes comes from small companies to big firms because of their advantages. Moreover, companies place large orders and buy these boxes in bulk. Different manufacturers of these boxes give certain schemes on wholesale buying to encourage the wholesale buying practice. If you want to give your product an attractive and attractive look, go for die-cut boxes and if you buy in bulk from wholesalers it will reduce the cost also. Place the order the die-cut boxes at wholesale price now!