Safety Measures to Keep in Mind When Engaging in Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

Bondi Beach, Australia, April 16, 2019 – There is no sport in the entire world that does not entail some form of risk. Even electronic sport gamers have their own share of challenges indoors. When paddling, you are more exposed when you are out in the open seas or rivers where there are sharks and other dangerous creatures. Whether you are an experienced paddler or you are just learning to use an inflatable stand up paddle board, it is better to be safe than sorry. Read on to know the safety measures to adhere to when paddling.

Know your environment

Soldiers never go to war without knowing their enemy. This means that you should never go paddle boarding without knowing the possible threats and weather conditions. You need to know how strong the wind current is, whether there is boat traffic, and if the waves will show up that day. These answers will assist you in preparing yourself accordingly before taking your blow up paddle board and going for the adventure.

Life jacket is a must-have

If you are not sure about your water skills, then you should wear a life jacket to prevent yourself from drowning. It never hurts to be prepared for any eventualities and you will be safe when you have a life jacket on you. Make sure that you have a Coast Guard Approved life jacket whenever you are out paddling.

Avoid paddling alone

If possible, you should always have a companion with you when paddling. Furthermore, you will have a better experience when you take part in the sport with other people. In case of an emergency, you can always rely on your companion for assistance. When you are just alone with your inflatable stand up paddle board, you are exposing yourself to higher risks.

Invest in a wet suit

Paddling involves lots of water and you will get wet. You should avoid dressing for the show when you are paddle boarding. Furthermore, being in a place where the temperatures are warm does not mean that you should not get a wet suit or wear cotton based clothes. This is because when temperatures are less than 60 degrees, your body may suffer the consequences.

When going for your paddle board adventures, make sure that your family is informed about where you are going. Accidents can happen even when you are well-prepared, particularly when you are in water. Ensure that people know where you are and always have a whistle when paddling. You can also get a waterproof phone that can be used to call for help whenever you are in need. Keep these factors in mind and keep yourself safe when paddling on your blow up paddle board.

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