Why You Should Have Smartblend Portable Blenders

Today we all know that blenders have not been something that anybody would consider cool or trendy. They’ve always been connected to the kitchen or a thing that would never be removed from there. And for several years, this has become the case.  

With the improvements in technology, things which never seemed possible are very possible and that’s even true with blenders. Now we have moved on to matters like mobile blenders.

Yes, a blender which can be moved away from the home, and carried with you where you wind up going.  

In this day and age, we reside busy lives, and sometimes attempting to locate time to fit lunch or maybe snacks in can be tough, especially for those coping with stressful and time-consuming careers. 


Smartblend Portable Blenders

For making this busy life somehow easy, there is something excited for you, what am I saying? Any guess?

Ok, let me tell you!

Yes, here is what I am talking about, the one and only “SMARTBLEND”.

A reasonable product with extra-ordinary looks and the best quality!  

Well lucky for you, SmartBlend is trying to cut out some of that hard to find time with their portable blenders.



The event you haven’t been convinced about the evidence above. 

SmartBlend is 100% Australian owned and the quality of the product is ensured. For those residing in Australia, we are providing free shipping, which includes tracking numbers so that you may be sure of the place you blender is at all times. International transport is nevertheless, subject to the bill.  

I think it is enough to know about SMARTBLEND, now we have to move towards our fantastic product, the best portable blender.

Let’s discuss it!


Take it with you

Now, wherever you are, you can make sure you will get all the required calories in, even if this lunch break is a lot shorter than you ever anticipated!

Blenders no more need to be boring items that are left over the kitchen desktop they’re now things we could take together use anytime, anywhere.

Let’s be fair, if you’re carrying a blender on the move with you, you would like it to look just the part. No one wishes to pull on a bulky, dull-looking blender out of the bag.  


Advantages of SmartBlend portable blenders

So, Irrespective of your place, calorie intake is still on the cards. SmartBlend intention to get you covered in the following:

  • SmartBlend ensures it is easy and convenient to eat while in the workplace. You can even leave it on the desk to add some much-needed color. 
  • Instead of using your shaker after the gym, why don’t have an alternative simpler option?
  • Require your SmartBlend into the gym and after your workout is over, add your protein powder and water, then hit the’ on’ button, and then observe SmartBlend do the rest.
  • You can now continue to keep those hard-earned gains right after the gym! 
  • Seeming more popular than ever, the next time you travel, why don’t you use the compact
  • SmartBlend to get a shake or smoothie while you’re on the move abroad. Because of its size, it fits perfectly in your handbag for quick-fire use.  
  • SmartBlend has its place.
  • It may be used at any given time of the afternoon to get a quick, healthy kick or protein shake.  

SmartBlend is busting the mound and has created their blenders for a market which should be filled.



SmartBlend does not just want to stop there. SmartBlend now offers five unique colors to choose from, including blue, black, green, purple, and pink. 

Features of our portable blender

  • Smartblend portable grinder has been powered by a 150W battery also has a loaded engine speed of 15,000RPM. 
  • Unloaded, this amount increases to 22,000RPM. This means there is more than sufficient electricity to blender your desired ingredients.
  • These dimensions mean that it can hold up to 380ml. More than enough to keep you happy until the next meal.   
  • It must be noted that on the front of the blender, there’s a USB port.
  • Unlike conventional blenders, SmartBlend has opted to adopt the USB charging approach, which means you may charge it wherever you’re, provided that you have access to your USB plug jack.  


Additional features

Another additional incentive is that included using the blender is a sponge cleaner that you can assemble upon opening up the box. This makes life simple when attempting to clean your blender.

Please make certain you do not get the base of the grinder moist when cleaning though as this is the point where the battery and engine are. Water harm could be detrimental to the grinder extended term.  

SmartBlend doesn’t only stop there. We would like you to appreciate your grinder that far, that we are such as 50 smoothie recipes for those who need some additional creativity.  

Furthermore, we offer a three-month product warranty out of the 30-day money-back period, so in the event you notice any problems with the blender within this time we will swap it over to get a brand new one, free of charge.  


Our services are available for whom

As I mentioned above, SmartBlend is streamlined for utilizing overseas, however, it might be worth noting how large it is. 

Our beneficial portable blenders are created with practicality in mind with a diameter of 8cm and an elevation of 24cm (approx.). 

With that being the case, they will fit in any backpack, and also almost all handbags. So there is no excuse!  



As I mentioned that the Smartblend’s product, the portable blender is the best option for making life easier. But when you use it then always be careful about the stuff that you want to blend in it. You’ll have to choose your components carefully and be certain they are cut into little chunks no larger than just two centimeters. 

Heard enough and want a SmartBlend portable blender in your life? Well, it couldn’t be simpler. 

Head over to SmartBlend’s site www.smartblend.com.au and order yours today!


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