Changing the car is a frequent habit, because maybe it is used for work or because needs evolve or more simply because you want to have a vehicle that is always “fresh”, and above all reliable, as well as keeping up with technological innovations. The Brooklyn Auto Leasing service gives vent to that inclination.

The car leasing formula can be the ideal solution for those who have a VAT number and want to benefit from all tax relief, but also for those who do not have a VAT number there are car leasing formulas.

Car leasing, an advantageous formula also for tax purposes

To fully understand the potential of the car leasing formula, we must first understand what the formula means and above all how it works, to avoid unpleasant surprises or even, more simply, to realize too late that it is not the most appropriate financial instrument for our needs.

Unlike a classic loan, where the buyer requests a loan for the purchase of the car, in the case of car leasing there is an intermediary who buys the new car, registers the ownership and assigns the use of the car behind the payment of a monthly fee. This is where the Brooklyn Auto Leasing service excels.

An advance on the entire amount subject to financing is almost always provided, even if many financial companies that are part of the same group as the car manufacturers are proposing forms of car leasing without this large down payment. It is usually a sort of “guarantee” on the entire amount, but the end of the credit crunch has resulted in greater elasticity in consumer credit.

What About the Waivers?

The waiver by the financial companies of the advance from 1 March is in some way compensated, depending on the car model, by the eco-incentives provided for by the budget approved on 31 December last.

By choosing a car model that does not impact the environment, with reduced or absent levels of CO2 emissions, you can even get a discount of six thousand euros. And, unlike long-term rental, car leasing is a form of purchase, the application of the eco-bonus is possible. If you are choosing the VIP Auto Leasing service you can be sure that you are getting the best deals there.

Car leasing, what the monthly fee covers

The monthly fee that the customer undertakes to pay for a certain number of years, according to the various agreements, usually also covers the expenses of managing the car.

It is a formula that can prove to be really very convenient, because those who subscribe to a car lease will no longer have to worry about how much ordinary or extraordinary maintenance costs. The tire change will not be a problem either. The car tax will not be charged to the policyholder, who will not have to subscribe to civil liability or theft and fire policies.

Summary: Leasing will have a guarantee of assistance and roadside assistance and a replacement car. Many contracts also provide for legal assistance in the event of road accidents and a whole series of coverages that with the classic form of car purchase would be really onerous to sustain. All expenses are included in the monthly fee.