Dental emergencies from mild gum pain to a fracture need immediate assistance from a dentist. But understand that not every dental issue is considered an emergency. And for the regular issues, you might not get immediate help from your dentist. So what are all the situations that come under dentist emergencies?

Dentist emergency situations

If you have a clear understanding of the issues that fall under an emergency condition, you will know if you can contact the doctor or not! Listed below are the situations that qualify for an emergency London dentist visit.


Oral infections that occur as a result of bacteria is sometimes a medical emergency. If you have swelling under your tongue or on the floor of your mouth, it needs immediate attention, and you should call your dentist at once. However, swollen gum or cold sores doesn’t make up for an emergency. If your infection comes with difficulty breathing or swallowing and you have immense pain, it definitely is an emergency.

Tooth fracture

It can happen during an accident or some dental surgery that the tooth gets displaced or falls off. The worst part is that it can lead to a fracture harming the gum as well. It comes as a traumatic injury, and your dentist will accommodate you immediately. Such injuries often happen to the sports persons as they can get exposed to collisions or falls often.

Uncontrolled bleeding

Bleeding gums is another condition that qualifies for dental emergencies. The reason behind this is that it is difficult to figure out the reason behind bleeding, and only a dentist can help you with this. Secondly, if the bleeding doesn’t stop, it can lead to the worst conditions.

Abscessed tooth

A dental abscess is the condition that tops the list of dental emergencies. It is a pocket of pus that forms around your gums and causes swelling that is visible on your face. Furthermore, it comes with immense pain that needs immediate expert attention.

There can be few other situations that fall under a dentist emergency, and your London dentist might accommodate it. However, minor issues like toothache, tooth loss and sensitivity don’t come under the emergency situation. If you face any such dental complications, your dentist might give you some mediation for temporary relief and give you an appointment.

It is vital to identify the issue and then call a dentist with the correct information. If your situation is one of those mentioned above or similar to it, your dentist will immediately accommodate you and provide the necessary care!