Houseplants are a pleasing treat to the eyes. They help us acquire fresh air at home, as well as give our home a vibrant and classy look. However, when we want to keep a multiple number of plants for almost all the corners of our home or add on to their numbers because we love them so much, we may not prefer to always go to the nursery for purchasing them. Propagation of plants can be easily done at home as well! Some plants are so friendly they need nothing but a cutting at their node and leaves to grow into a whole new baby plant. Here is a mention of some plants that are very easy to grow:

Money Plant or Pothos (EPIPREMNUM AUREUM)

Pothos plants are the most popular indoor plants. You can hardly do anything wrong with them. Just make sure they get a minimal amount of watering and indirect sunlight and even if they don’t, they grow easily sometimes. The propagation process is also very easy with the Pothos. To grow a new plant, all you need is to cut the vine just at a point below where a new leaf is growing out of the vine. Use a clean, sharp scissor to avoid any contamination. You can cut the nodes on either side of the vine and keep all the cuttings in a water-containing jar. Wait for 4 to 6 weeks until the roots develop. You can then change the pot to a soil mixture and enjoy your plant growing.

Snake plant or SANSEVIERIA

There are a lot of different Snake plants which can all be propagated through division. Propagating this plant through division is the easiest and fastest way, but it is not just the only way. You can also take a leaf cutting to a water pot to grow a new plant. When the roots grow, you can change the pot.


Spider plant is one of the low-maintenance plants. There are 3 easy ways to propagate a Spider plant: By root division, from seeds, or by simply rooting plant babies.


The string of pearls houseplant whose scientific name is (SENECIA ROWLEYANUS) is a perennial vine that belongs to the group of succulents, is also another houseplant that is easy to propagate. It is actually “self-propagating.” This vine develops baby plants just by putting the growing leaves on the surface of a new soil pot. So if you have a hanging pot of a string of pearls, you can easily propagate the plant by simply keeping another pot with the soil mixture and keep it just below the plant.


This plant is also called the Arrowhead plant whose roots are extremely hardy and easy to develop in water. So, the easiest way to propagate this plant is to take the stem cuttings and put them in water. This plant loves to grow in any condition. So you don’t even have to put any hormone in water for the development. The process of division also works great for this plant.

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