Viewings of student housing are vital for finding the proper place to live for the coming year. Viewings provide you with the opportunity to ask your student lettings Birmingham agent and possibly the current tenant questions about the property and the surrounding region. So, when you’re at the viewing, what should be at the top of your “to ask” list? We have a couple of suggestions to assist you in deciding if what you are seeing is the right one for you.

Questions To Ask The Existing Tenants

What Are Your Thoughts On The Neighbourhood?

Do you have a fear of noisy neighbours? Inquire with the current tenants. If they are students as well, they are likely to change, but it’s good to find out what your tenants thought of them before deciding whether or not this is the right location for you.

How Much Do You Each Pay For Utilities If They Are Not Included In The Rent?

Some of our student rentals include some or all utilities, which can help you budget ahead of time. However, if they don’t, it’s good finding out what the existing tenants pay so you can do your calculations ahead of time.

What is the state of the WIFI?

You know how vital decent internet connectivity is if you’ve ever tried to upload a large file to Google Drive while one flatmate is watching Netflix and another is Zooming their parents. The present tenant is likely to have some concerns regarding the internet speed and reliability in your neighbourhood. Inquire about the WiFi in each room of the house; if it isn’t, you may need to invest in buying a booster.

What Is The Location Of The Bus Stop/Parking?

If you bring a car to university, finding parking in popular student cities like Birmingham might be difficult. But current tenants may be able to offer advice on off-road parking in the region. Inquire about the local bus stop and the distance to the university or town if you’re new to the area.

Do You Feel Safe In This Environment?

Before your viewing, take a look at the crime statistics of the area. Nonetheless, it’s always good questioning the current tenants about how safe they feel in the neighbourhood and in the property itself. Check to see if the building has ever been burgled and how safe the nearby roads and walks are.

Questions To Ask The Letting Agent 

Is The Rent Inclusive Of All Or Partial Utilities?

Utility bills, such as electricity, gas, and water, are sometimes included in the monthly rent. So check ahead of time, either on the student places property page or with the agent showing you around.

Will That Wall Crack/Wet Patch/Peeling Paint/Broken Paving Be Repaired?

Have you seen something that isn’t quite right? Bring it up throughout the viewing. Although it’s likely that your agent is already aware of the problem and is working to resolve it, it doesn’t harm to bring it up during the viewing. Some concerns, such as growing damp or mould, might be a symptom of a much larger problem, which can be unpleasant to live with and create health difficulties.
Conclusion: Which Questions To Ask During A Viewing?
1. What are your thoughts on the neighbourhood? 2. How much do you each pay for utilities if they are not included in the rent? 3. What is the state of the WiFi? 4. What is the location of the bus stop/parking? 5. Do you feel safe in this environment? 6. Is the rent inclusive of all or partial utilities? 7. Will that wall crack/wet patch/peeling paint/broken paving be repaired? For more advice on how to find your perfect accommodation, get in touch with Rouds, the student lettings Birmingham specialists.