Have you just founded your business and want to generate as much exposure for your brand as possible? Are you on a budget and feel like you can’t smash your growth targets? Or are you constantly looking for new marketing strategies to try? 

Look no further, we are here to help you. In this blog post, we will introduce you to four marketing ideas using custom stickers. And by that, we do not mean the stickers you can send on messaging services like WhatsApp, but the real physical thing. 

But before we jump into how stickers can help you hit your targets, we must talk basics. Once you start your sticker journey, you will stumble over two different terms: labels and stickers. There is no inherent difference between the two. They are both adhesive-backed pieces of paper or plastic that can be printed on. Stickers are usually individually cut whereas labels arrive on sheets, as pictured below. Through the added support, labels are 65% faster to peel, which is great if you have to apply hundreds at once.

Now that we have the basic terms covered, let’s take a look at the ways custom stickers can enhance your marketing. 

  1. Giveaways 

Stickers are incredibly low-cost which means you can easily add free stickers with every order, hand them out during events or even reach out to influencers in your niche. 

Given in the right moment, stickers are not perceived as advertising. Instead, they are seen as a gift. This activates social psychology’s rule of reciprocity: the receiver feels the subconscious need to return the favor which can take the shape of a purchase, a recommendation or even a social media shout out. 

We recommend using a vinyl sticker to get your logo printed on. Vinyl stickers are waterproof, scratch-resistant and ideal for many different applications. This gives your customers the ultimate freedom to use your stickers any way they want.

  1. Branded Packaging

But there is no need to stop there. Stickers are a great way to brand your packaging. Investing in stickers allows you to bulk buy cardboard boxes or jars at a low price as you can simply apply your stickers yourself. 

When doing this, choose a material that matches your packaging. Are you using recyclable boxes? Then get a recyclable sticker that can be disposed of with your packaging.

The below image shows a great example of an eco-friendly Vinyl stickers. We recommend keeping your design simple like that to really make your product stand out. 

  1. Limited Edition Labels 

You have probably seen this sticker tip a thousand times, but it is simply so effective: create scarcity with limited edition labels. A limited edition label lets your customers know that your product will be gone soon. This limits the time customers have to make a purchasing decision and makes your product seem much more desirable as you have branded it as rare. 

This works especially well in comparison to your competitors, whose products will continue to be available for weeks to come while your brand demands immediate attention. 

You can recreate this effect with a simple paper label attached to your product. Paper labels are naturally thick and matte, giving your brand a premium feel while not leaving any residue when peeled. 

  1. Effect Material

Most sticker printers offer amazing effect materials. These usually have a vinyl basis, making them perfect for many different applications. 

The most popular materials are holographic and glitter vinyls. Both options make your design really stand out from the competition and give your brand the luxurious edge. 

This works especially well when you choose a sticker to mirror the features of your product. If you are selling candles, a holographic sticker can look amazing when it catches the light of a freshly lit candle. Or simply look at the example below, the glitter green represents the loose tea leaves and creates an eye-catching product design. 

And that’s it, four easy ways you can make stickers work for you. We hope this article inspired you to give stickers a try. Are you already using stickers to promote your business, or do you have any questions? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.