When you are dealing with graphic work, SVG is indicated as the splendid choice to proceed with better art-related results. Yes, there is a wide range of vector graphic software and editors that helps its users to create and edit SVG vector images. Moreover, you can give an instant try to an online PNG to SVG converter in order to convert single or more PNG files to SVG vector files. 

In this informative context, we decided to list a few best versions of SVG editors that assist you in editing your SVG’s quickly and easily. 

Why SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)?

SVG is indicated as a binary file type or a well-known substantial image format that uses an (XML markup language). This language works significantly to display vector and graphical data. Experts revealed that SVG vector files are indicated as the best way for designing web and app graphics. In short, SVG files are always best because of their vector and scalability nature. Moreover, if you seeking a professional way to turn PNG into SVG, then use a free PNG to SVG converter by theonlineconverter.com that provides you quality PNG raster to SVG vector file conversions. 


Yes, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is referred to as a well-known SVG editor. It is the best way to edit and create vector illustrations, but you could be able to edit photos with this tool. But, to convert PNG to SVG, you should have to get an online PNG to SVG converter that turns regular PNGs into SVG files. No doubt that CorelDRAW is incredibly fast, it takes a couple of minutes to complete your SVG-related works. 

Moreover, this tool features with AI-powered image solution that works best in creating precise vector images without losing any details. And, if you aim to convert PNG to SVG, without distorting the resolution of PNG files, then using a free PNG to SVG converter makes sense for you! Also, you could use CorelDRAW in order to make your typography responsive.

Why to Use this Tool?

  • It loads pretty fast
  • You can be able to edit and create vector graphics without losing details
  • It packed with features for Professionals 

Xara Designer Pro:

This SVG editor is available for Mac, Tables, iPad, and Windows. A Xara Pro is indicated as a best SVG editor that is packed with several integrated tools including text handling, page layout, drawing tools, and blending tools. There are several other tools like contours transparency, feathering, and creative effects. Bear in mind, if you ever preferred to convert PNG to SVG vector files, then an online PNG to SVG converter helps in doing so with minimal effort. 

Why to Use this Tool?

  • It allows to edit and import SVG easily
  • Provides you with zooming features for added precision
  • Get easy integration with Dropbox as well as Google Drive


You maybe think that this editor is only for mac users, but it also works best on Windows, Linux, and even on iOS & Android devices. MacSVG is an open-source editor that is licensed by MIT. The upside about this tool is that it lets you edit and create a html5 vector for your graphic work, mobile applications, and even websites. Moreover, no matter what device or Operating system you’re using on, you could use PNG to SVG converter right now to save PNG as an SVG vector image file. 

Why to Use this Tool?

  • It lets you create simple shapes easily
  • Takes a couple of steps to produce high-resolution images
  • Packed with easy-to-understand UI


Yes, there’s no doubt that vector charts are well-known among designers. And, when it comes to creating vector charts, you could consider Chartist.Js. This handy tool works best for creating responsive charts in UI design. You could easily create vector charts from scratch or simply by with the templates that are freely available. Besides that, sometimes you need to convert PNG raster image format to SVG vector extension, for this purpose an online PNG to SVG converter plays a crucial role. 

This SVG editor for Mac lets you create:

  • Admin UIs
  • Data based app UIs
  • Amazing Dashboards

Why to use this Tool?

  • This tool is best for newbies for learning purposes
  • You can be able to create responsive charts
  • Lightweight & fast


It is another best SVG editor that works best for Mac devices. It is free to use and packed with the best illustrator tool that helps in drawing vector designs and even creating lettering. You can now use Vectornator for importing and editing SVG files easily. 

Why to Use this Tool?

  • it comes with a low learning curve
  • intuitive UI
  • 100% free
  • Best for beginners