If you’ve ever wanted to remove a background from your picture, but were worried that it would take hours of meticulous work, we have some good news for you. With the YouCam Perfect app, removing and changing backgrounds in pictures is as easy and fast as 1,2,3. Oh, and this best background remover app is free! Keep reading to find out how to remove background from picture on iPhone and Android.

YouCam Perfect: The Best Free AI Background Remover App

Before we get into the details about how to remove the background from a picture, let’s introduce you to the best AI-powered background remover app that can make it happen for you — YouCam Perfect! YouCam Perfect is the best free photo editing app, and it offers a vast variety of features including filtersanimationstickers, and frames. Today, we’ll be covering one of the most popular features in the app, allowing you to easily remove and add the background in a photo. Best of all, it’s a free tool!

Instead of spending time trying to manually cut-out a picture, YouCam Perfect does the work for you – with just one click of a button. The AI-powered Cutout tool removes a background from a picture almost instantly and gives a clean, transparent background just a few seconds later.

Remove Background from Pictures for Free

Easily take a photo, trim the background and replace it with something else. With this background remover app, you can instantly add new backgrounds, stickers, and more. Plus, it’s all free! So start erasing background from photos today with YouCam Perfect background remover!

Just use the background remover app to erase the background from photos and you’ll have a transparent background in no time. Once you have removed the background, you can export your images to either JPG or PNG format. Try it out today and easily create background-free images!

How to Remove Background from Picture on iPhone & Android

Removing the background from a photo sounds intimidating, and something that only photo editing professionals can do, but with YouCam Perfect you can get the same result the expensive software offers with just a few taps.

After removing background from photo, you can place it on different backgrounds. Click the ‘Background’ button and select the background you want to use. You can position the cutout image any way you like and change the size of the cutout image.

Pro Tip: How to Remove & Add Background in Seconds

YouCam Perfect also offers another tool that can accomplish a similar effect.

  • From the Photo Edit screen, tap on Background.
  • You’ll see options for Add Background or Change Background.
  • Add Background will place another new background behind your original photo, while Change Background will automatically isolate your subject and place it onto one of many curated options available.

You can remove the background from any image on your iPhone if you have updated to iOS 16. You can easily get the image with a white background when you long press on the image and send it to your friends. However, what if the “dragged” subject doesn’t look the way you want it to, or some unwanted parts are also selected? Let’s talk about iOS 16 and YouCam Perfect, so you can better understand what suits you more. readmore


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